On Street Children Parents III

Dear Parents,

I never would've thought I'd need to send you another letter on the same subject, and so soon.

The time was just past seven, Just today, on my way home from school. I was riding a Project 6 jeepney from Trinoma. The jeep halted on a red light before turning left to Mindanao Avenue. A street child, maybe in early puberty, went in the vehicle and began wiping the people's footwear. As he reached the end, he began begging for alms, you know, the usual stuff they do. As he reached the end of the jeep, one of the passengers had his cellphone out, maybe texting someone. He, the passenger, was sitting on the end of the jeep. The child grabbed the phone and ran away.

Sadly, I couldn't do anything myself, since I was seated in front of the jeep. The passenger, flustered at first, got off and chased the child. The entire vehicle was in a commotion. The driver didn't know what to do. A few moments later, the light turned green. The driver at first didn't move, but the traffic behind him started honking their horns.

Who is to blame on this event? The driver, for allowing street children such as the criminal on this case to enter the public utility vehicle? Or the victim, for taking out his cellular phone at the scene of the crime? Me, for not being able to be a hero on this event? The child himself? Syndicates? Poverty? The Government? The law enforcers?

For me, you are to blame, the parents of the child. You can reason out that you are poor, but it's still your fault for having a child and not being able to provide for him, or at least teach him what is right and what is wrong. You can reason out that he might be an orphan, but there must be a parent of this child, and it is still their fault for abandoning him. You might even be dead, but knowing that you are having a child, you should have prepared for such events. You can reason out a lot of things, but in the end, this finger that points who to blame points to you.


Witness to a Juvenile Crime,

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