On More Filipino Cosplay Gripes

Dear Cosplayers,

Maybe I can overlook the fact that you're using brightly colored wigs with some of your hair sticking out. Maybe I can overlook the fact that your skin color does not match that of the character you're cosplaying as. Maybe I can overlook the fact that you're using store-bought costumes. Maybe I can overlook the fact that you're just not pretty. However, aside from the body size, one thing that makes me cringe when not done right is when your eyebrows do not match the color of your wig.

I mean, come on, what character has bright pink hair and black eyebrows? Maybe it can be overlooked if the character has dark hair. But if you're cosplaying a character who is blonde, red-headed, white-haired, or has some strange neon-colored hair, make sure your eyebrows match that color. I'm not asking for the carpet to match the drapes, but feel free to do so. All I'm asking is when I look at your face, I see only one color from every strand sticking out of your head, eyebrows included. If you can't do this, just use your natural hair color. It's more permissible than when your already ugly face wears a bright wig without the matching eyebrows.

tl;dr: Color your eyebrows, or don't wear a non-matching wig.


Appalled Cosplay Viewer,


On Cybersquatters

Dear Cybersquatters,

Why do you do this? Take all the good names, put nothing, and leave it until the release of Duke Nukem Forever. Perhaps it's Blogspot, Wordpress, and all the other hosts fault for not having an expiration of some sort, but still.

Anyway, you're making it a hard time for me to come up of a good name for my new blog, so fuck you.

tl;dr: Fuck you.


Internet Real Estate Searcher,


On McDonald's Burgers

Dear McDo,

Stop pressing on your burgers while cooking them. It takes all the juices out of the burger. I expected a juicy half pound chunk of meat, and I get a dry, well-done (and not the good way), and almost tasteless burger. I can tolerate the well-done part, since I don't really trust if the meat you use and the way it is stored and cooked is safe for rare consumption. However, the fact that I can't taste any fat in half-a-pound of beef of meat is unacceptable.

tl;dr: Do not press on your burgers.


Hamburger Aficionado,