On Filipinos and International Websites

Dear Compatriot,

I am disappointed at you. Whenever you're going to comment or post something to a website, make sure the language you write in matches that of the said website. Do not use your vernacular language, unless it explicitly states that you may. It is quite irritating for the webmaster and guests to see comments or posts in a language they cannot understand.

And don't even try to reason out by asking where in the website's rules does it say that you may post in your native tongue. Most of the time, it's there, you just don't read the rules. If it's not, it's probably quite obvious which languages you may or may not post in.

If you really insist on posting in such a language, make sure that the webmaster would understand your post at least. And if you do post in your preferred language, make sure you adhere to its proper usage.

Finally, don't be proud of posting in such a way, especially if you're just going to boast that you're the first commenter to a post. Refer to my first comment rant as to why. I don't really usually care if you fail in posting in the right language, but if you do so in this way, it just makes me cringe in anger.

tl;dr: Don't post Filipino comments to English websites.


Refined Internet Gentleman,

I can understand English, Filipino, some Japanese without Kanji, and some German... so if you're going to comment to this blog, use these languages only.


On McDonald's Anonas Twister Fries

Dear McDonald's Anonas Management,

When I place an order for your limited-time-only twister fries, I expect the entire container to be full. The serving lasted me a mere 10 seconds, and I frankly did not enjoy spending the price for a extra large fries for a regular-fries-amount of twister fries.

Is this your way of cutting down? Anyway, I deserve more for my money. The amount of twister fries should at least fill the container.

tl;dr: Fill up the container of the twister fries.


Impoverished Twister Fries Addict,


On Fail Open University Students

Dear Classmate,

Even though our particular medium of instruction relies on a bulletin board system that runs on the internet, this doesn't excuse you from breaking grammar and spelling rules, and, more importantly, using excessive abbreviations when it is unneeded. Sure, you're probably saving a few bits of memory doing so, but you must realize that this is still a branch of a prestigious University, at least according to many citizens of this country.

Just how the hell did you manage to enter this institution anyway? You don't even know how to write a coherent sentence. And the punctuations... the coma isn't a period dumbass. Also, it's either your shift key isn't working, but you usually capitalize the first letter of the sentence, not the letters in between words in the middle of one. To demonstrate: tHiS iS fuCkIng wRoNg... especially in such an environment.

Also, when you post your ideas, make sure it contains... ideas. Your incoherent ramblings are the equivalent of the thoughts of a retarded prepubescent; and that statement of mine would insult the said prepubescents. And, if you know me, I hate prepubescents—especially retarded ones.

tl;dr: Go back to high elementary school kindergarten.


Your Freshman Classmate,

Yellow font over white background BURNS the eyes. Stop using colors in your posts, goddamnit.


On 24-Hour (?) Videoke Bars

Dear Bar Owner,

You do realize that you're doing business in a residential area, no? I just find it sad that you choose to have a videoke bar as a business. People are trying to sleep at night. While it seems that your business is doing good, our body clocks aren't. You and your clients are the only people enjoying.

There's supposed to be a liquor ban in this city between 0200-0800 hours if I'm not mistaken, yet these are the hours your establishment produces the loudest, drunkest, and basically worst singing non-stop each and every fucking day. It would probably not irritate as much if this only happens on Fridays and Saturdays. However, this has been the same story each and every fucking midnight to morning ever since we moved in here.

And how the hell did you manage to collect all the rejects of Philippine/Pinoy Idol, Pinoy Pop Superstar, and all the other singing talent contests under one roof? Each and every one who sings there, male or female or whatever, always attempts to sing those high notes and miserably fails, taking my eardrums along with their failure. What's worse is that it seems these rejects aren't aware of their lack of talent.

If you still haven't profited enough to soundproof your bar, then I suggest you shut it down, for your sake. I can feel the tensions coming, not only from our household, but the entire neighborhood who doesn't participate in your twenty-four-seven fiasco.

tl;dr: Shut down your videoke bar.


Your Restless Neighbor,


On Masculinely Named Possessions

Dear Faggot,

You think it's gay when I name my more valued possessions with feminine names? Well, I think it's gayer when you're pressing Adam's buttons, touching Ben's keys, pushing Christian's joystick, playing David's notes, and    gerund      masculine name  's    object   (fill in appropriate blanks).

I think I've shown my point. I'll stick to my femininely named things, thank you very much.


Owner of Femininely Named Possessions,


On More Firefox 3.5 Annoyances

Dear Mozilla,

I'm starting to lose faith in you. I just want to select a tab, of course using my mouse. Sometimes I click too deeply and drag my mouse to fast, causing it to tear off... and become a new window. One of the best things I find in Firefox is that it used to organize itself into the tabs, and now I'm stuck in having to deal with new windows.

If I wanted a new window for my tab, I'd right click it and select the option to open a new window. Disable this annoying "feature" of yours, damnit. If it weren't for the great addons and the lesser memory usage, I'd stop using your browser.

tl;dr: Disable tab tearing to new window in FF 3.5.


Annoyed Firefox User,


On Facebook RSS Import

Dear Facebook,

I have just noticed that when I tried to import my blog's RSS into your platform using the built-in site import, you automatically import them into your "Notes" application. That's not how RSS works—you're supposed to just link it to the site of the story itself, perhaps with a short excerpt from the description. You're not supposed to post the entire story and call them posted on your own platform.

I guess, that's your real goal... having people not leave Facebook at all, huh? Lucky for me I don't allow your applications to post directly to my Wall. I'll be writing my own RSS reader that actually posts links to the Wall when I have the time.

tl;dr: Provide links from RSS feeds, not entire posts.


Rant Blogger Extraordinaire,


On Yahoo! Messenger Display Images

Dear Yahoo!,

It's been a while since I had this problem, and until now it has yet been fixed. I've tried uninstalling, deleting registry information, temporary files, and reinstalling your instant messaging program. Yet, until now, it still won't allow me to change my display image.

Every time I want to change my display image, I have to edit my registry to make it point to the desired display image. I also happen to be one of those people who change display images ever so often. I don't want to be bothered by going through the registry every fucking time just to change a 96 square pixel picture that represents my current mood or whatnot in the said program.

Fix this shit, it's been way too long since the problem began.

tl;dr: Fix your display image update problem.


Yahoo! Messenger User,


On Moodle Forum Subscription

Dear Moodle Instructors,

I understand that you want to update your students on certain topics, but please don't force-subscribe us to all of the forums. It clogs our inboxes with repetitive replies and answers by fellow classmates.

If you do want to update us on new topics, do so only when you start a forum, or when it is you who is posting. Provide us with the option to unsubscribe from the forums, because as far as my patience has gone, all of the emails I get are one and the same from different people at different times.

tl;dr: Turn on the unsubscribe option.


Moodle Student,


On Numerical Date Forms

Dear MM.DD.(YY)YY Users,

While I do sort of understand the fuss that a certain time this year will be 12:34:56 07.08.09, this time will occur on the 7th of August, not the 8th of July. Why would you write the month before the date? The month obviously is comprised of the dates, so it should be written as DD.MM.(YY)YY, because dates are less than a month and months are less than a year.

Oh, and it can also be written as (YY)YY.MM.DD, and this should really be the form to avoid any confusion. But notice that the month is still in the middle, not the first or last. This would also be the form I would be using if stupid Blogger allowed it.

tl;dr: 12:34:56 07.08.09 will occur on the 7th of August, not 8th of July.


Month Is Always In The Middle,


On Unannounced Emergency Maintennance

Dear Ntreev,

What the fuck? Emergency maintenance? I'd forgive it if you said a word about it, but you didn't. Even 5 minutes... no... 1 minute before you shut down the server will do. But no... the second I went into the boss trial, you pull the plug. What the heck?

Next time, announce beforehand when you're conducting server maintenance in game. It's part of your duty as game servers.


Trickster Online Player,


On Firefox 3.5

Dear Mozilla,

WTF did you do with Firefox? Now I can't select the tabs anymore and use my handy mouse scroll's left and right tilt to switch tabs. Fix this shit and make me able to select tabs again.

And just when I was praising your product over Chrome. Now, I have to tinker with userChrome.css to make it work.

Reintegrate it. And no tl;dr version for you.


Unimpressed Firefox 3.5 User,