On an LRT Passenger

Dear Passenger,

What is it with the train doors that makes you love to stay there so much? I'd understand if you're departing the next station, but, apparently, you are not. The train was pretty roomy from when you entered at EDSA station, so why do you insist on staying in front of the train doors rather than going at the middle of the train?

Okay, so you're not able to sit. That doesn't give you permission to burden other people going in and out of the train. What's worse is that you stay there like a rock, not moving and giving way to passengers going in and out other stations you're not alighting. I assumed you're to depart at Gil Puyat station, but no. You stayed there at the middle of the doorway, not moving, one hand holding the door rail and the other in your pocket. That's already two stations, and you still insist on staying at that particular spot. I can sense the irritation of those wanting to go in the train. And because of you, a huge bunch of people weren't able to do so, even tough there's enough space to accommodate them at the middle of the train.

At Vito Cruz station, you didn't move as well. This station is where I alight, and judging from your behavior, you should get off this station as well. But, no, you stayed there, blocking us from alighting the train. And there's a lot of us, since this station is that of a lot of Campuses of thousands.

I cringe to wonder if you're departing the next station. But from your appalling actions, I doubt you would. If you weren't big and bulky, I really would've pushed you out of that spot of yours. Seriously.

Yeah, maybe there's a lot of people like you, wanting to stay in front of the train doors. However, unless you're departing the next station, you shouldn't. Otherwise, you're just a burden to many.

tl;dr: Don't block the doorway, idiot.


An irritated LRT passenger,


On MRT3 Audio

Dear Metrostar,

There are thirteen stations in MRT3, and these thirteen stations I ride every other weekday going to and from school. That's a total of twenty-six stations. Not counting the last one, I pass by twenty-four stations every day.

Every time your train departs a station, you play a prerecorded advertisement from your sponsors, some even have a jingle. Immediately after, you present an audio clip on tips on electricity conservation, health and beauty, or Christmas shopping. And now, recently, you decided to play a jumpy exercise song that lasts from the end of the last audio clip until the train reaches the next station.

How do you expect us, the people in the train, to stretch out in such a cramped environment? Doing so would result in me either touching something I like and be called a pervert for it, or touching something I do not like. Another thing, that song is extremely irritating, and seems to be sung and composed by Vhong Navarro based on the voice and melody. This is something not everyone enjoys, particularly me. After riding through twenty-four stations today, and hearing the same stupid song over and over made it stuck in my head. This is something I did not enjoy and took hours to forget.

Ever since, I never liked the idea of having those stuff played. But I guess you need to pay for maintenance, or at least have more money to corrupt. The exercise song, however, is where I draw the line. Do not play that song anymore for sanity's sake. I don't find any reason for you to play that song. If you need to make devoid the silence in between the advertisements and the next station, please choose something almost everyone will not find irritating, such as classical music or easy-listening tunes.

tl;dr: Metrostar, stop playing that stupid exercise song every fucking station on MRT3.


An Irritated MRT Passenger,

An Introduction

Dear Reader,

You can call me "Inggo".

You might know me, you might not. Most of "Inggo" accounts in the internet belong to me. I used to blog frequently on different mediums about random stuff. It's been a while since I've blogged about anything, as I've lied low from the internet for quite some time. Where I've been and what I've been doing is probably none of your business, and I'd rather not share. What's important is, I now have a reason to blog, and that is to rant.

The purpose of this blog is to house all my rants—to become an outlet for all the anger, pet peeves, and irritation I experience everyday. If ever you feel like I've offended you from my rants, frankly I don't care. This is an outlet, my outlet, and I'll be using it the way I see fit. I don't even care if anyone reads this. I just need somewhere to rant. This place is as good as any.

So if you're reading this right now, I won't thank you. It's your time you're using, and if you feel like you're wasting it right now, it's your fault, not mine.

I will redesign the layout when I have time. Maybe.


Ranter Extraordinaire,