On Thirteen-Year-Old Forum Spammers

Dear Tard,

I'm not quite sure if you're the same prick I ranted against a year ago, but I believe it is so. Since that's apparently the case, I guess you're a year older now. But from what I see, you've become a year dumber.

I thought we've already made you quit the internet? Apparently you just took a rest to recover your shattered e-go before going back to your increasing of post count ways. While I do realize that your posts are now somewhat related to the topic, your post still does no help whatsoever. Your reply was worthy of three facepalms.

Also, why the heck bother replying to that post in the first place? The thread was started nine months ago without any reply. That means the thread is dead like a log, and your post is the useless inedible poisonous mushroom growing out of my metaphor.

Tards like you are the reason why those below the age of seventeen, maybe sixteen, should be banned from the internet.

tl;dr: GTFO the internet... again.


Refined forum member,