On Tokyo Tokyo Trinoma Maki

Dear Tokyo Tokyo,

I've tried out Trinoma's Tokyo Tokyo only three times, and all these experiences happened within the last three months... the last one being today. Now, I'm fully aware that Tokyo Tokyo isn't real Japanese fast food, much less a restaurant. This is noticable ever since the change in your branches, losing much of your sushi and sashimi choices. Heck, you've also added a lot of Chinese stuff in your menu, just preceeding the items with "Japanese" even though they aren't. And I've proven this the first time I went to your branch, ordering a set of eight spicy tuna rolls and expecting raw fish in my maki. Instead, I find spicy canned tuna, probably Century. What I'm saying with this is you have lost the privilege to call yourself "Japanese" anymore.

However, that's just the start of my complaints, and the above goes for all of your branches. The following I cannot generalize, and only goes for your Trinoma branch:

On the same day, the same abomination you call "spicy tuna rolls" did not meet the quality I expected. They were cut unevenly. The nori was tucked into the roll on the side down and the rice looks as if it was forced in. The rice was stale. It tasted nothing like sushi rice, which is everything sushi is about.

I know it's pretty hard to describe, and that's the best I can put into words. But it was repulsive... a disgrace to all maki. It would've probably been better if I had taken a picture. Sadly I didn't. I would the next time, but I doubt I'd be going back anytime soon.

I've actually given you three chances to change, maybe because I don't have a lot of choices when I'm craving for maki. Alas, it has come to this. The second time, I ordered a set of California maki. It had the same problems—uneven and ugly looking rolls, stale rice, nori tucked in the bottom. The only difference is the contents, being mangoes and crabmeat, which didn't even fill the entire roll. The third time, just today, had no changes.

And for all the three times I've eaten there, I had to wait for twenty minutes for my eight pieces of maki. After twenty minutes, you give me a plastic box containing eight pieces of maki failure. And, yes, that is for all three times.

Do you actually create these rolls individually? Is this why you're taking so much time, and producing so much failure?

Fix yourself up or give that place to a more deserving tenant.

tl;dr: Read the line above.


Sushi Aficionado,

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