On a Pesky Multiply User

Dear Multiply User,

I don't know you. Therefore, I won't add you. Stop sending me invites that I will just reject. I don't care whatever kind of t-shirt you make, 'cause I don't have any money to buy them. And if you just want to invade into my private network just to have more contacts, sorry, but I respect my contacts' privacy.

And, no, I don't want to and won't be able to do business with you soon. And, no, I won't mention who you are, as it would provide publicity for you. Hah! If you really do know me, you'd mention it in your message. But as far as I remember, I know nobody with your handle or real name. Just because we're both in the same country doesn't mean we're already acquainted in any way.

The next invite you send me will be forwarded to Multiply's abuse report.


Real-life Contacts Only,

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