On Ice Cream Store sa Visayas Ave.

Dear Ice Cream Store,

You know, I like your store. I like your affordable but tasty ice cream bars and cones. I like your toaster oven pizzas and even your deluxe sundaes.

However, I hate the fact that your clerks allow street children lurking around there. Every time I buy, there's always a group of kids hounding for alms or asking for the ice cream I just bought. No, I will not give them the ice cream I just bought. And I did not go all the way to your store just to be harassed by these kids.

And this time, I'm not blaming the parents. I'm blaming the clerks of your particular store. They do nothing to keep those pesky children from the facade of the store, and even allow them inside.

Isn't customer satisfaction a part of good service? As far as I can tell, none of the customers are satisfied that those children are around. And I can tell that these children aren't a part of your customers.

tl;dr: Get rid of those kids, or risk losing valuable customers.


Irritated Ice Cream Store Customer,

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