On Parent MRT Passengers

Dear Parents,

When you let your child use the train with you, make sure he is behaved and properly taught of passenger decorum. The most important rule to remember is that you make sure you are comfortable without discomforting others.

There is a train reserved for women and children. Of course, parents are allowed in regardless of gender. This means even if you are a couple, you are still allowed in the special carriage because of your child. Use this privilege. Please.

However, regardless of the carriage you decide to use, do not make use of the MRT seats as your child's cradle. More importantly, do not allow them to use me or any other passenger as their footrest and kicking bag, especially if your child is susceptible to tantrums, and more especially if your child's feet are dirty and smelly.

In addition to that, do not allow your child to scream in his loudest voice during these tantrums and fits. The train is not your private residence to be spoiling him. Discipline him accordingly when using this public utility.

tl;dr: No loud and spoiled children with dirty feet kicking me inside the train, please.


Appaled MRT Passenger,

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