On WWE Name Changes

Dear WWE,

You know, I liked "Breaking Point" as a pay-per-view name with its matching concept. It didn't bother me with your other name changes: "The Bash" (tradition aside, "The Great American Bash" is doesn't really work for your company), "Hell in a Cell" (your worst PPV name since your latest), "Bragging Rights" (although "Cyber Sunday" sucks IMO), and "TLC: Tables Ladders and Chairs" (I like this better than Armageddon if you take out the Tables Ladders and Chairs part). However, your latest name change, "Elimination Chamber" disappoints me.

There's nothing wrong with having "No Way Out" as a PPV title, especially if it has Elimination Chamber matches as main event. It works with the main event match. It works with the fact that there's "no way out" of it even though Wrestlemania is just around the corner. It worked with "No Way Out" 2009... perhaps my favorite PPV this year. So why the fuck do you have to rename something that simply works?

Compare "Breaking Point"... it's a great name for a PPV especially for its theme, although a bit overused with other things. Look how much it would suck if it was named "Submission" or something. Just because "Royal Rumble" works in itself doesn't mean that you have to name all your pay-per-views to its main event match.

tl;dr: Rename "Elimination Chamber" back to "No Way Out".


Dislikes Your Latest PPV Name Change,

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