On Unromantic Assholes

Dear Asshole,

A couple of points:

First; women aren't objects. You're not in any position to "collect" them. They aren't meant to be treated the way you do. You're not in love with them. You're just fucking sexually frustrated. And I believe you'll remain as such for the rest of your miserable days with the way you treat women; unless of course some gay dude manages to fuck you in the ass.

Second; you don't ask a lady questions that invade her personal space. She says it to you when you deserve it. Mind what questions you ask when you want to "get to know" them. I bet you don't even know her favorite color, number, food, etc. and yet, you're already diving into her most innermost secrets. What's worse is that you only know the lady online and you act like you're her childhood friend. Again, you're just displaying your sexual frustration, which I doubt would be sated by the opposite gender.

Finally; you're flirting with a girl with a significant other thinking her boyfriend is too overprotective. Let me ask you this, what kind of boyfriend wouldn't want to protect his princess? Maybe the guy really was going a bit overboard, choking her freedom. However I don't care about that. If you're the fucking reason the guy wants to protect the girl in the first place, I must take his side.

Seriously, the way you act is pathetic, unromantic, unrefined, and disgusting. It makes me cringe in disgust with just the thought of you even though I don't really care of you.

tl;dr: The way you treat women is WRONG.


Refined Romantic Gentleman,

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