On YouTube's New Layout and Features

Dear YouTube,

Your new "improved accessibility" layout actually hinders quite a lot for me. I can't see the user's latest videos without clicking something, and when I do click it, it pans the video down. You also force an autoplay feature from the module I clicked the video from even though I don't want to watch the next video in the said module; I have to manually turn it off every time I watch a video, and I see no option to permanently turn it off. Also, there are now a lot of shitty parameters in the URL that videos have become very hard to link.

While I do like the like/dislike change from the five star rating, you still haven't fixed a lot of issues in the site. In fact, you made it a lot worse. Fix the current problems before adding more potential ones.

tl;dr: I want the old look back.


YouTube Ranter,

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