On Twelve-Year-Old Online Decorum

Dear Prick,

I obviously have a problem with prepubescents. I especially have a problem with prepubescents in the internet.

You see, there are places where you can run amok and post whatever you want to post. Those places are meant for kids like you. However, most of the places are for intelligent discussion. These places are not meant for you.

You do not reply to every thread just to increase your post count. This is especially true when you're posting something very far off topic.

Basically, what I'm saying is when I post something requesting for GuitarFreaks simfiles, you do not post a reply saying you want keysounded Drummania simfiles. Make your own thread and do not post on my thread if it's so important for you to ramble such unrelated requests. I am not trying to have an internet conversation with you, but with people who can help me. You are, obviously, not one who can.

Also, you do not advertise how old you are, and that you are proud of it. People will be impressed if you hide your age while act like an intelligent person. Showing that you aren't and that you act even stupider just makes you more unwanted.

It seems you did not get the message the last time from me and my friends.

tl;dr: GTFO the internet.


Refined seventeen-year-old internet citizen,

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