On an LRT Passenger

Dear Passenger,

What is it with the train doors that makes you love to stay there so much? I'd understand if you're departing the next station, but, apparently, you are not. The train was pretty roomy from when you entered at EDSA station, so why do you insist on staying in front of the train doors rather than going at the middle of the train?

Okay, so you're not able to sit. That doesn't give you permission to burden other people going in and out of the train. What's worse is that you stay there like a rock, not moving and giving way to passengers going in and out other stations you're not alighting. I assumed you're to depart at Gil Puyat station, but no. You stayed there at the middle of the doorway, not moving, one hand holding the door rail and the other in your pocket. That's already two stations, and you still insist on staying at that particular spot. I can sense the irritation of those wanting to go in the train. And because of you, a huge bunch of people weren't able to do so, even tough there's enough space to accommodate them at the middle of the train.

At Vito Cruz station, you didn't move as well. This station is where I alight, and judging from your behavior, you should get off this station as well. But, no, you stayed there, blocking us from alighting the train. And there's a lot of us, since this station is that of a lot of Campuses of thousands.

I cringe to wonder if you're departing the next station. But from your appalling actions, I doubt you would. If you weren't big and bulky, I really would've pushed you out of that spot of yours. Seriously.

Yeah, maybe there's a lot of people like you, wanting to stay in front of the train doors. However, unless you're departing the next station, you shouldn't. Otherwise, you're just a burden to many.

tl;dr: Don't block the doorway, idiot.


An irritated LRT passenger,

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