On MRT3 Audio

Dear Metrostar,

There are thirteen stations in MRT3, and these thirteen stations I ride every other weekday going to and from school. That's a total of twenty-six stations. Not counting the last one, I pass by twenty-four stations every day.

Every time your train departs a station, you play a prerecorded advertisement from your sponsors, some even have a jingle. Immediately after, you present an audio clip on tips on electricity conservation, health and beauty, or Christmas shopping. And now, recently, you decided to play a jumpy exercise song that lasts from the end of the last audio clip until the train reaches the next station.

How do you expect us, the people in the train, to stretch out in such a cramped environment? Doing so would result in me either touching something I like and be called a pervert for it, or touching something I do not like. Another thing, that song is extremely irritating, and seems to be sung and composed by Vhong Navarro based on the voice and melody. This is something not everyone enjoys, particularly me. After riding through twenty-four stations today, and hearing the same stupid song over and over made it stuck in my head. This is something I did not enjoy and took hours to forget.

Ever since, I never liked the idea of having those stuff played. But I guess you need to pay for maintenance, or at least have more money to corrupt. The exercise song, however, is where I draw the line. Do not play that song anymore for sanity's sake. I don't find any reason for you to play that song. If you need to make devoid the silence in between the advertisements and the next station, please choose something almost everyone will not find irritating, such as classical music or easy-listening tunes.

tl;dr: Metrostar, stop playing that stupid exercise song every fucking station on MRT3.


An Irritated MRT Passenger,

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