On "No Life" Commenters

Dear Commenter,

Before you even consider posting "no life" on rhythm game Tatsujin videos on YouTube, please click the "Audio Preview" button and do not even consider clicking the other one. Seriously, though, if you spent the time and effort to comment that, wouldn't that make you the one without a life? To think at least they have done something great, while you just sit there, post ad hominem against them without considering yourself. You don't even know what they've done in their lives. Some of these people actually earn more than professionals just by playing these games.

So what if you're a professional, university graduate, master, whatever. Posting such comments on an internet video makes you the one without a life. If you have nothing good to say, especially against something great, don't say it. Or maybe you're just jealous of the skill they possess, and that you're stuck in your own crappy life which allows no time for you to develop these skills and instead resorts to no other option but to watch videos on YouTube and post such ludicrous comments?

Too bad, then. If you have time to watch YouTube, you'd best spend it on getting a better life.

tl;dr: Keep your "no life" comments to yourself.


Professional Ranter Extraordinaire,

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