On Street Children Parents

Dear Parents,

I know it's really none of my business when you decide to fuck each other. However, I have been recently bothered by a few of your children, one dirtily sprawling around at our street, then suddenly touching me and asking for the ice cream cone I was eating. No, I will not give your child my ice cream cone. What irritates me the most is that the sucker was more persistent than the wart I've had for the last couple of years on my left hand.

I don't blame him, though. I blame you. If you cannot teach your children proper public manners, and do not have time to keep them from bothering other people, do not create more of them. It's like you people are child factories. Use protection if you cannot control your urges, and if you can't afford protection, do not copulate at all.

tl;dr: Keep your children away from me, and stop making more of them.


Irritated Passerby,

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