On MRT3/LRT1 Grammar

Dear Metrostar,

I have two corrections for you to make, first on your MRT3 "tips":

"Tips" is a plural word. "Isang" is "one" in Filipino. You cannot use "isang" to precede "tips". The correct sentence to use "narito ang isang tip".

Next, on your warning label at the emergency button on LRT1:

The Filipino of "button" is "pindutan", since it seems you're having trouble translating it. Also, although you "push" a "button", you do not "tulak" it. You "pindot" a "button".

Please correct these mistakes so that it wouldn't seem like Filipino is an uneducated race, even though it really is one.


Grammar Nazi,

"Floor" is spelled with two O's, not three. It's nice that you're conserving the same pieces of paper for over a year now.

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