On Contracting Taxi Drivers

Dear Driver,

The reason you have that meter on your cab is to measure the amount we have to pay to you. You don't blurt out how much you want expecting to get it. You especially don't ask for double the price tag.

The route I take is only 90Php by cab. And during this time of year, there's absolutely no heavy traffic, and the only stops you must take are those in the two traffic lights, and they're not even that long. And the destination lies just next to a major highway where surely you won't have a problem getting your next passenger.

Too bad for you, the 60Php tip I was willing to give that particular day went to the next driver who did his job properly and didn't ask for an unfair amount upfront, and that driver went by the second you rejected me. I hope you saw the smile he wore as he drove pass your sorry passenger-less excuse for a cab.

tl;dr: You should have your license revoked.


Good Samaritan hoping for your bad karma,

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