On YouTube Country Limitations

Dear Google,

I'd probably forgive some of your country limitations on some music videos or public-access TV shows you block on YouTube, displaying a message "This video is not available in your country", wherein the content really should be limited by the country (although I still find little reason for you doing that, the internet being as it is). But after clicking the link on the first query of "kaleidoscope world youtube" on Google, and finding this blocked, I draw the line.

I mean, come on, blocking a video access clearly from my own country? Sure, I could hook up to a proxy and attempt a slower transfer to an already congestedly slow broadband access, but I'd rather not.

These country limitations of yours are a joke. Just remove them, the site's losing the "You" from its title.

tl;dr: Remove country limits on YouTube.


The Video Should Be Available Everywhere,

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