On Swine Flu and Philippine Media

Dear Media,

It has become apparent to me that you believe that eating or handling pork will give you swine flu. No it will not. Taking pictures of "daring" wet market butchers chopping up pork products amidst the global pandemic crisis is not helping.

It is safe to eat cooked pork—the virus dies in heat. The reason it is spreading out the entire world is because of human-to-human respiratory contact. The only reason this illness is called "swine flu" is because the virus is the same to that found to be causing influenza in pigs. Yes, you can get this flu from pigs but only if you get them to cough on you or something like that.

And according to reports, WHO just doesn't want to rename the misnamed flu because it is the one used during the first outbreak, and in doing so stop confusion in renaming it. Apparently this has caused confusion in you believing handling pork is hazardous especially during these times.

tl;dr: Stop with these pandemic fallacies, you're just causing more panic than what is needed.


Whine-flu Patient,

Pork is delicious, and I'm feeling like having bacon right now.

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