On Western Union Billboard Ads

Dear Western Union,

While I am aware that 96% of the people who read your advertisement wouldn't notice, I am not one of those statistics.

Your latest billboard ad has a slogan "Kampante ako dito". If you do not find anything wrong with that, then I suggest you repeat elementary Filipino.

Whenever prepositions or adverbs beginning with "d", such as "dito", "doon", or "din", is directly proceeding a word ending in a vowel (a, e, i, o, or u), the "d" of that word becomes an "r". Since "dito" is preceeded by the word "ako", the correct form to use is "rito". The correct sentence would have been "Kampante ako rito".

I suggest you correct this grammatical mistake, as your erroneous billboards might suggest that our race is as uneducated on their own language as they really are.


Marcos ng Gramatika,

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