On Fail Open University Students

Dear Classmate,

Even though our particular medium of instruction relies on a bulletin board system that runs on the internet, this doesn't excuse you from breaking grammar and spelling rules, and, more importantly, using excessive abbreviations when it is unneeded. Sure, you're probably saving a few bits of memory doing so, but you must realize that this is still a branch of a prestigious University, at least according to many citizens of this country.

Just how the hell did you manage to enter this institution anyway? You don't even know how to write a coherent sentence. And the punctuations... the coma isn't a period dumbass. Also, it's either your shift key isn't working, but you usually capitalize the first letter of the sentence, not the letters in between words in the middle of one. To demonstrate: tHiS iS fuCkIng wRoNg... especially in such an environment.

Also, when you post your ideas, make sure it contains... ideas. Your incoherent ramblings are the equivalent of the thoughts of a retarded prepubescent; and that statement of mine would insult the said prepubescents. And, if you know me, I hate prepubescents—especially retarded ones.

tl;dr: Go back to high elementary school kindergarten.


Your Freshman Classmate,

Yellow font over white background BURNS the eyes. Stop using colors in your posts, goddamnit.

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