On 24-Hour (?) Videoke Bars

Dear Bar Owner,

You do realize that you're doing business in a residential area, no? I just find it sad that you choose to have a videoke bar as a business. People are trying to sleep at night. While it seems that your business is doing good, our body clocks aren't. You and your clients are the only people enjoying.

There's supposed to be a liquor ban in this city between 0200-0800 hours if I'm not mistaken, yet these are the hours your establishment produces the loudest, drunkest, and basically worst singing non-stop each and every fucking day. It would probably not irritate as much if this only happens on Fridays and Saturdays. However, this has been the same story each and every fucking midnight to morning ever since we moved in here.

And how the hell did you manage to collect all the rejects of Philippine/Pinoy Idol, Pinoy Pop Superstar, and all the other singing talent contests under one roof? Each and every one who sings there, male or female or whatever, always attempts to sing those high notes and miserably fails, taking my eardrums along with their failure. What's worse is that it seems these rejects aren't aware of their lack of talent.

If you still haven't profited enough to soundproof your bar, then I suggest you shut it down, for your sake. I can feel the tensions coming, not only from our household, but the entire neighborhood who doesn't participate in your twenty-four-seven fiasco.

tl;dr: Shut down your videoke bar.


Your Restless Neighbor,

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