On Filipinos and International Websites

Dear Compatriot,

I am disappointed at you. Whenever you're going to comment or post something to a website, make sure the language you write in matches that of the said website. Do not use your vernacular language, unless it explicitly states that you may. It is quite irritating for the webmaster and guests to see comments or posts in a language they cannot understand.

And don't even try to reason out by asking where in the website's rules does it say that you may post in your native tongue. Most of the time, it's there, you just don't read the rules. If it's not, it's probably quite obvious which languages you may or may not post in.

If you really insist on posting in such a language, make sure that the webmaster would understand your post at least. And if you do post in your preferred language, make sure you adhere to its proper usage.

Finally, don't be proud of posting in such a way, especially if you're just going to boast that you're the first commenter to a post. Refer to my first comment rant as to why. I don't really usually care if you fail in posting in the right language, but if you do so in this way, it just makes me cringe in anger.

tl;dr: Don't post Filipino comments to English websites.


Refined Internet Gentleman,

I can understand English, Filipino, some Japanese without Kanji, and some German... so if you're going to comment to this blog, use these languages only.

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