On "First" Commenters

Dear Commenter,

Congratulations, you're first. Too bad you didn't have anything constructive, critical, or informative to say. Now you look like an idiot who spends more time camping for videos or blog posts in the internet rather than doing or sharing something useful. Seriously, nobody but you cares if you were first, and unless there's a "first comment" contest somewhere I haven't heard about, I doubt what you're doing is anything good.

tl;dr: Hooray! You're first. Too bad nobody cares.


"ZOMG FIRST POST!!!1!111onekthxbye" Hater,

To those "first" comment posters who missed, as well as "second", "third", and so on posters, I'm sorry. You're just as stupid as or even more stupid than the first guy.

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