On Green Lights and Full Roads

Dear Driver,

I know that red means stop and green means go. But when the lights are green and the road ahead is full, don't even bother crossing. Sure, some mindless drivers behind you will honk their horns, but what good will it do when you're stuck in the middle of the intersection once the light goes red? You'll just get more angry honks from your left and right. The amount of time you saved for your lane is deferred by the amount of time you were blocking two lanes.

You can blame the government for the lack of roads, or the people for the amount of cars, but in the end, in that situation, you should only blame yourself for crossing the green light when there's no space to accommodate your vehicle in the road ahead. This is especially true if you're driving a huge car or even a truck.

tl;dr: Don't pass the green light when there's no space for you.


Observant Pedestrian,

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