On Irritating Atheists

Dear Atheist,

You know, the only reason I have developed a particular dislike in some religious fanatics is because they forcefully impose their beliefs upon others, hating those who believe otherwise, and look down upon non-believers of their religion. I find it sad that you, who has chosen not to belong in an organized religion or believe in a deity or deities, are starting to become like them. You forcefully impose your disbelief upon others, hating believers, and look down upon religious people.

Learn to respect other people's beliefs. Just because they believe in something you don't doesn't mean they're lower than you or anything. Everyone has a right to believe or not, and it doesn't make them any less human just because they do.

It's okay to argue every once in a while. But every time you see or hear someone proud with their religion and firm to their faith and then frown upon them or label them with negativity is just plain wrong. And actually preaching your disbelief upon others is just as irritating as theists trying to convert you to their beliefs. Learn to respect others beliefs, as some have learned to respect your disbelief in them.

tl;dr: Respect.


Proud Non-advocating Pagan,

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