On Twilight Fan(girl/boy)s, an Update

Dear Fan(girl/boy),

I still haven't read the book. But I have watched the film. Now I can safely say that Bolt was a better movie than Twilight. And, yes, I'm talking of a love-story perspective. I rate love stories based on how much "kilig" or, for a lack of a better term, butterflies in the stomach it produces when I watch it. It gave me none, nada, zilch. While Bolt didn't give me a lot, at least it gave me that warm fuzzy feeling, especially when they went and save Mittens.

I'm not saying that Twilight was a bad movie, it's just not good. I still cannot understand what you guys find in this film. It's pretty much sped up, with very little character development, which basically makes those who haven't read the book at lost. And what's ironic is that there's too much dialogue explaining about vampires, yet it's much simpler to understand that rather than understanding what each character is like.

What I did understand from the film is that Bella is lusty, and Edward is sparkly. Also, he and his father looks gay, and that's coming from a homophobe. And it's pretty much a prelude to the rest of the series. The plot twist was lame, with enemies emerging during a family ball game. Who the fuck spends a date with his family and on a baseball game?

Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the film entirely. I kinda like Alice, even though there's a lack of development. I'm not really bashing the film. I'm just saying I've seen better, and there's too many to list them. Oh, and I still hate the fandom.

tl;dr: Twilight the movie sucks.


Still a Twilight Fandom Hater,

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