On Late-Night Karaoke Singers

Dear Singer,

I know it's a particularly fun and entertaining pastime, and I admit that I sometimes enjoy a good karaoke session. But, please, consider your neighbors. It's okay to do this in the midday, or up to late afternoon, or even early evening. But it's not okay to do this late at night, and beyond midnight, nearing morning.

I wouldn't be so mad if you didn't suck so much. There are times it's okay to sing like there's nobody listening. Daybreak is not one of these times. If you really can't help it, sing somewhere soundproof, or at least in a place where the whole neighborhood couldn't hear you so loudly. Outside your house right in the main street is not a good place at those particular times. There are people trying to sleep, you ass. Your broken and ugly voice makes all the neighborhood dogs bark, if the noise your singing creates isn't enough to wake everyone up.

tl;dr: Do not videoke at daybreak, for sanity's sake.


Restless Ranter,

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