On Ungentlemanly Assholes

Dear Asshole,

You do not talk about women like that, treat women like that, especially when they're around even if it seems like it's okay with them. Even though I'm not one, I know it's never okay with them. You only degrade women if you can accept its aftereffects, one being you won't be able to be with one romantically. Yet, you still rant that you're not getting any. Of course you won't be getting any with the way you talk.

And even if one is not around, you still don't act that way if one is represented, i.e. someone's girlfriend or spouse is in the premises. Even though I'm not the direct representative of that particular woman, I know it still hurts them, being a representative myself of a different one. If your words were directed to mine, I would seriously punch you in the face. Leave that kind of talk when you're with an all-stag crowd of the same gender.

tl;dr: You're never getting laid, except maybe by gays.


Refined Gentleman,

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