On Trinoma-SM North Jaywalkers

Dear Pedestrian,

Although I should probably reconsider calling you pedestrian, since you're more of a jaywalker. Anyway, you're probably aware that there's already a pedestrian overpass connecting SM North EDSA and Trinoma. What I would like to know is why you still prefer to cross the road rather than using it?

Yeah, you still have to climb a set of stairs, but you do have feet, now don't you? You wouldn't have been able to jaywalk otherwise. Also, when you choose to jaywalk, kindly do so swiftly. There's a lot of commuters being bothered by your simple strolling across a high-traffic road, causing delays to people a few kilometers away, barely missing a red light which could've saved them five minutes of their journey. It's not a park with sights anyway, and there's nothing beautiful to see, unless you consider a jammed-pack road of cars and exhaust aesthetically pleasing.

It's just a climbing set of stairs not only for your safety, but also for the convenience of thousands of commuters in their vehicles not being bothered by the traffic your jaywalking causes. What's so hard about that? Unless you're paralyzed or legless or injured you really don't have any justly reason jaywalking underneath a pedestrian overpass.

tl;dr: Use the overpass, shithead.


Law-abiding pedestrian,

This letter is carbon-copied (CC) to other jaywalkers under a pedestrian overpass. Kindly rethink your ways and habits. Seriously.

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