On Cheating Taxi Drivers

Dear Driver,

You were lucky that I was already in a pretty bad mood that your actions weren't enough to make it worse. However, you should know that having a meter that ticks three times faster is against the law. Not only should I have not given you the amount your "broken" meter was asking for, but I should have also just left you hanging out there when we alight your pathetic excuse of a living.

You know, I'm in a foul mood that I'd ignore this. But if ever I encounter you again, I'd seriously report you to your operator, or to the franchising board; not that they'd do anything about it, but hey, who knows? I'd do everything in my power to label you a criminal and have your "professional" license revoked.

tl;dr: Fix your "broken" meter.


Disgruntled Taxi Passenger,

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