On More Reasons to Hate Macfags

Dear Macfag,

The reason my PC (note that I'm using the term `Personal computer`, not referring to the OS or the build of the machine, since it has a dual-boot OS and customized parts) broke is because its power supply is more or less 8 years old... almost half my age. It's not because "it's not a Mac", and because "it uses Windows"... no. I happened to have upgraded my machine quite a few times during its life, a feat you're machine will not accomplish.

Also, due to this predicament, my brother has to use the iMac here at home. Every time he connects, he always asks me to power-cycle our router because the stupid machine won't connect. No, it's not the router's problem, as its firmware is updated. It's because of that stupid machine, which explicitly states we should power-cycle our router to fix the problem.

Stop bugging me with your machine. I've already ordered for new parts which are superior to your just-for-show stupid gay people's machine. I'm sticking to my custom-built, fully-upgradable, gaming, entertainment, multimedia, and multipurpose machine. No, I'm not and never going to switch to a Mac. Period.

tl;dr: Your machine still sucks, and I'm not switching.


Still a Macfag Hater,

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